i like

There are so many things in life that I adore. So many things make me very excited. However, lately, there have been a few things that make my heart flutter an extra [extra] bit...

1. Frozen yogurt at Huddles. It's so summer happy.
2. The summerfall weather we've been having. Not as hot, but not yet crisp.
3. Having my siblings home more.
4. Pretty things, like Lau and Lee headbands
5. Being a little extra indulgent
6. Indiana summers, Indiana friends, and Indiana (and the Midwest)

A few of these favorites have come together for me with Sweet Papier.
It's a paper bakery that creates beautiful invitations and paper products (fulfills #4), that are slightly over the top (#5), and are made in the Midwest (#6). They also have an emphasis on sweets, so although they don't quite taste like Huddles, they semi-fulfill #1.