Although I like to give her a hard time for her non-meat-eating ways, Courtney is my favorite vegetarian around.  And even though I think we'd have a grand old time grilling chicken together, I support her decision to love the animals (even if she secretly doesn't want a dog either).

So, today, on Hug a Vegetarian day, I'd like to send her some virtual love.  If I were in Virginia with her, we'd certainly be celebrating this lovely holiday together (probably with froyo, because, let's be serious, we're not vegans). 

And while I tell her (all the time) that I wish she'd join in my carnivorous ways, it takes a very special vegetarian to buy me deli turkey every time I visit. She's certainly a friend of the animals, and of mine.

A special thanks to Erin for telling me about this monumental holiday.
Photo via dolce vita.