gift guide: stocking stuffers

One of my favorite things to do when giving a gift is to add something small as an extra touch - something I'm loving or that really reminds me of that person. In other words, I like to tack on a stocking stuffer :) 

I rounded up a few of my favorites from this season - some might be a little bigger than the average stuffer, but, as far as I'm concerned, if you can jam it in to the stocking, it counts!

1. doTerra lavender oil: I love it because it smells amazing, helps you sleep, relieves tension and you can add a drop to your mascara to lengthen and thicken lashes. All from a tiny bottle! 

2. Simply Gum: Confession: I haven't actually tried this one, but Sam introduced me to it and I'm obsessed with the concept. It's 100% natural and made with only six ingredients. I can't wait to try it. 

3. West Elm Enamel Mugs: Melissa got me these for Christmas and I love them. They remind me of the dishes our neighbors had growing up. They're perfect for hot chocolate, I must say.

4. Batty's bath charcoal soap: Super natural, gentle way to wash your face. My skin has been really clear ever since using it. I love Batty's products, but make sure you sign up for the email list if you want to purchase - they'll send a free shipping code. 

5. Spartan shop Fletcha Tea Mug: Beautiful & happy! And I love a handle-less mug. 

6. Tarte Amazonian Clay Makeup: For the first time since I was 20, I recently switched to this makeup after hearing rave reviews. And the verdict? I love it. 1,000 people really can't be wrong. 

7. Perfect bars: I eat these every day for breakfast. They are the perfect on-the-go meal. No prep, full of vegetables and so tasty. On Cyber Monday I bought $100-worth to get me through the winter. Oatmeal no mo!

8. Hario hand grinder:  I actually got this for Chris for our one year this week. He's working to cut his Starbucks runs down and I've heard that grinding your beans is a game changer. Hario is supposedly the best affordable option, so I went for it, and he was obsessed. Cannot wait to grind those beans!

9. Brookfarm General Store Denim Roll: I'm always looking for little ways to keep things extra organized and I think this would be awesome in a purse - stick some lotion and cards in it and it's the perfect option to move from purse to purse. 

What are your favorite stocking stuffers? Happy gifting!

:: the happiest of labor days ::

With the dearest friends.

Who brought personalized koozies & tumblers (because they're just one of a kind). 

And brunches at Parish and Rosebud.

And Shooting the Hooch.

And {a leetle} football watching (but mostly just talking). 

And some pool time. 

And JCT's Sunday Supper with Chris after they left (so sad!). 

And a little more pool time to make sure we soaked up the unofficial last bits of summer. 

And tons of laughing.

I hope your Labor Day was unlaborious and full of sun!