I'm shamefully obsessed with Halloween. To the point that I find myself saying phrases like: This is my favorite holiday! (Which is not to be believed, as I make such proclamations at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, The Fourth of July, and, most often, my birthday).

In addition, in social settings, I frequently want to one-up people.  If I say, "I love Halloween" and they say, "me too!" I immediately want to find a way to prove that I, as a matter of fact, love it more.  (Unusually competitive...?)

I am also curiously drawn to Halloween decor, which is odd because (1) I hate extra clutter and (2) I don't really love autumn that much.  However, I want to light a pumpkin candle, brew some spiced cider, and throw an autumnal runner down the dining room table.
I knew I was really in trouble yesterday when I, who can barely sit through a movie, watched Hocus Pocus not once, but twice.

With such a great love for Halloween, it's not surprising that it really bothers me when companies skip right over Halloween and Thanksgiving, and head straight to Christmas.  Why are your Santas and Rudolphs out? I've barely had time to put away my birthday decorations and get out my pumpkins, and you're telling me there is no window of opportunity for a table turkey made from apples and cranberries?

However, my principles aside, I must admit that one Christmas item has caught my eye a little early: the Jingle Bell bobby pins from Kate Spade. They're so cute, and basically guaranteed to be sold out by December.  What's a girl to go? Jingle a little early? Or stick to my Halloween guns?