whimsical wednesdays {working girl}

We've had quite a bit of shifting around at work, and with these changes has come a constantly busy schedule.  And although I haven't lacked initiative, I am a strong believer in incentives.  I also firmly believe that the fastest way to stimulate productivity is to create a change.

So, if I were redecorating and restocking my office, here is where I'd indulge...

I'm a complete sucker for sticky notes, and while I'm typically loyal to Post-its, I've fallen for Kate Spade's version.  The selling point was the middle note - the built in list.  As a devoted list maker, the printed numbers are irresistible.
The Daily System from Pottery Barn.  I currently have just one dry erase calendar that I've had since high school. I love it - it's gone from home to college back home and finally to my office, but it's starting to look a little tired. It soon might pass for a grey board.
The Life.doc: Your Life Buttoned Up organizer from Amazon. Even though everything is electronic these days, I like to keep it retro with planners and paper copies (not so green of me, I know).  The binder format makes it easy to add and remove things, while still keeping the order I love.  There is space for medical organization, budgeting, insurance information, etc.  It's a Type-A dream.
The Alphacritter mousepad from Anthropologie.  They had me at the monogram.
These "I am Organized" file folders from Crane & Co. They're a cute twist on my standard manilla ones. I think, therefore, I am, right?
Desk photo via cupcakes and cashmere