whimsical wednesdays {nesting}

I am moving to Atlanta in eight days! Now that I'm officially relocating and living by myself, in my very own, single, all mine, apartment, I've really caught the nesting bug.

The other day, I went to Anthropologie, and didn't even look at the clothes. I spent the whole time in the at home section.  My entire focus has shifted.

My budget is slightly resricted (!). Fortunately, my parents are very generously allowing me to take furniture and decor from our old house. They've basically outfitted my entire apartment with adorable items I would not have otherwise been able to afford.

Had they not so kindly gifted, I'd probably be scrambling to determine how to decorate.  If I were starting to outfit a home for the first time, I'd be lusting after some of these lovely spaces...
Aren't they beautiful? 

What's even more fulfilling than looking at all of these chic homes, though, is my favorite new website, Thursdays.  As one who is just starting my own place, I've become addicted to their easy recipes, crafts, and ideas.  On a shoestring budget, simple DYIs are just what I need.  

My favorite part about the site? The Thursday night dinners that served as the company's inspiration were held while the creators were in college at Indiana University.  Nothing warms my heart quite like supporting fellow Hoosiers does. 

a not so whimsical addition to my wednesday...

I write about a lot of things I'd like to have, but don't really need.  But today, one of my often thought about whims became a necessity.

I dropped my phone and in a matter of seconds, my lifeline turned into a weapon, with a broken screen that left shards of glass in my hands and cheek.
RIP little phone.  

At least it gave me a reason to get the iPhone 4. You better believe I'm putting a case on it.

whimsical wednesdays {working girl}

We've had quite a bit of shifting around at work, and with these changes has come a constantly busy schedule.  And although I haven't lacked initiative, I am a strong believer in incentives.  I also firmly believe that the fastest way to stimulate productivity is to create a change.

So, if I were redecorating and restocking my office, here is where I'd indulge...

I'm a complete sucker for sticky notes, and while I'm typically loyal to Post-its, I've fallen for Kate Spade's version.  The selling point was the middle note - the built in list.  As a devoted list maker, the printed numbers are irresistible.
The Daily System from Pottery Barn.  I currently have just one dry erase calendar that I've had since high school. I love it - it's gone from home to college back home and finally to my office, but it's starting to look a little tired. It soon might pass for a grey board.
The Life.doc: Your Life Buttoned Up organizer from Amazon. Even though everything is electronic these days, I like to keep it retro with planners and paper copies (not so green of me, I know).  The binder format makes it easy to add and remove things, while still keeping the order I love.  There is space for medical organization, budgeting, insurance information, etc.  It's a Type-A dream.
The Alphacritter mousepad from Anthropologie.  They had me at the monogram.
These "I am Organized" file folders from Crane & Co. They're a cute twist on my standard manilla ones. I think, therefore, I am, right?
Desk photo via cupcakes and cashmere

fairy tales do come true

Over time, my blog has evolved from a place for me to ramble into a fantastical world where I write about things I don't need, but have fallen for.  In a lot of ways, it serves as a fairy tale land where I can escape for a few minutes each day.

In keeping with this "if only" way, I've decided to start a new weekly post, Whimsical Wednesdays.  Each week, I'll blog about something I'd do if...

Check it out tomorrow and let me know what you think! Au revoir!

Photo via apartment 34