wallpaper 2.0

I tried to ignore it, but there is no getting around the fact that wallpaper has made a total comeback.  It's not just for the elderly and outdated anymore.

And although, most of the time I still prefer the clean simplicity of a nice coat of paint - like Mimosa or Ganache from the Martha Stewart Living line for The Home Depot (you're welcome, Jim) - the options at DwellStudio are tempting.

And, equally as tempting as the designs, is the ease of the project.

You pick your design and the amount you want, as well as the size of the design you want (do you want jumbo elephants, or tiny elephants?), then click to order.  Before you know it, the walls will be dancing with lovely patterns.

If you decide the paper is too much, it's easily removed and doesn't damage your walls.  That way, if you do realize you're really more of a bucket of paint kind of person, you won't regret your decision to African safari theme your basement.