whimsical wednesday {stocking stuffers?}

If you were to watch my family open stockings on Christmas morning, you might assume that my parents don't understand what the term "stocking stuffer" means.

While most people consider appropriate stocking stuffers to be candy and other low-commitment items, they don't allow themselves to be restricted by such boundaries.

Sure, they typically opts for smaller gifts, but the items are normally things that most people would consider a full gift.  Jewelry, gift cards, makeup, under garments - you name it, and I guarantee I've seen it in my stocking (or often next to my stocking, because not everything fits inside the little sack).  They really know how to take the stocking to the next level.

So, this Wednesday, I'm dreaming of Biber-style stocking stuffers, or as others may call them, small Christmas gifts...
  1. Jingle Bell Headband, Kate Spade, $75
  2. Sunday White Wild Rose, EmersonMade, $58
  3. Murfee Scar- Pirates Bootyniere, Lilly Pullitzer, $118
  4. Yellow Adhesive Note Set, Crane & Co., $25
  5. Swarovski crystal round earrings, Net-a-Porter, click for the price - if you dare
  6. Whirly Twirly clutch, Anthropologie, $28
  7. Monogrammed roadies, Social Primer, $85
  8. Pearl snowball necklace, J.Crew, $98
  9. Marc by Marc Jacobs Gold plated logo watch, Net-a-Porter, $225
And, in case you're a traditionalist, a few true stocking stuffers...
  1. Glitter clip frame purse, Top Shop, $12
  2. Horizontally Striped Knee-High Socks, Forever 21, $3.80
  3. Polka Dot Coasters, Kate Spade, $20
  4. Sunshine Clips, Old Soul, New Heart, $25
  5. Silk Flower Shoe Clips, Ban.do, $25
  6. Latte Bowls, Anthropologie, $30
  7. Illume Monogrammed Votives, Anthropologie, $10
  8. Vintage Scarf, Nordstorm, $29
  9. Satin Bow Headband, Forever 21, $4.80