you're the apple of my eye

I'm notoriously sensitive and attached to my family.

When I was younger, I could never sleep over at my friends' houses, because I would always get homesick.  My parents would inevitably get a call sometime around 11 pm, requesting that I be picked up - even when I was at my cousins' houses.

When my mom used to pack our lunches, she'd always put a note on the napkin.  Something like: "Have a great day! I love you!"

While I guarantee my brothers pulled them out and stuffed them right back in, I would hold it tightly in my lap (good manners?).  When lunch was over and I threw away my trash, I'd keep the napkin. I'd put it right back in my lunch box - just in case.

These fruit stickers would have been perfect for my mom. They wouldn't have embarrassed my brothers, and the adhesive back would have ensured I never lost track of them.
via twig & thistle