Be ours?

Melissa is midway through painting her bedroom and she's been trying to find time to get it done for weeks now.

However, last night, instead of finishing this task, we decided to make valentines and watch the Bachelor. Much more productive, right?. With a little but of champagne, some pink and red paper and lots of glitter, it was the perfect night. Minus the fact that Ben kept Courtney around on the Bachelor. What the what?

We struggled to get the champagne open at first. Apparently we both normally rely on other people to take care of this task...
We looked for instructions...
And attempting to cut it open with scissors...
But we got it! And then we Valentined. Check out Melissa's beautiful creations...
And mine...
Happy Valentine's Day!

ice cream a go go

When it comes to sweets, I have a well-developed hierarchy: ice cream reigns, sprinkles are the queen and frosting is the prince (very manly).

Then come your less valuable, but still tasty, friends like Candy (the princess) and strawberry shortcake, who serves as the king’s right hand man, but is only called upon at certain times.

Somewhere, far down the line, possibly at jester status, comes cookie cake. While I’ll eat, it’s primarily to get to the frosting, and it holds no trump value.

However, on Valentine’s Day, I made an iron skillet cookie cake that rocked my monarchy. It’s unbelievably thick, with crispy edges and a chewy center. I topped it with vanilla ice cream (the king of kings) and – oh wow. Let’s just say, I’m considering some promotions.

put a little love in your heart

It's no secret that I love all holidays. I'm sold on any excuse for an extra celebration.

However, I know that while my V'day flag flies high, it often flies solo (the same goes for New Year's...). Regardless of my singlesness/coupleyness, I've always loved this love filled day.

Last week in yoga, the instructor kept urging us to ignore the commercialism of Valentine's Day and embrace what it stands for - a celebration of love. I thought this was the perfect way to think of the holiday.

In case you're still hooked on the commercialism, though, some eye candy...
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you're the apple of my eye

I'm notoriously sensitive and attached to my family.

When I was younger, I could never sleep over at my friends' houses, because I would always get homesick.  My parents would inevitably get a call sometime around 11 pm, requesting that I be picked up - even when I was at my cousins' houses.

When my mom used to pack our lunches, she'd always put a note on the napkin.  Something like: "Have a great day! I love you!"

While I guarantee my brothers pulled them out and stuffed them right back in, I would hold it tightly in my lap (good manners?).  When lunch was over and I threw away my trash, I'd keep the napkin. I'd put it right back in my lunch box - just in case.

These fruit stickers would have been perfect for my mom. They wouldn't have embarrassed my brothers, and the adhesive back would have ensured I never lost track of them.
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