ice cream a go go

When it comes to sweets, I have a well-developed hierarchy: ice cream reigns, sprinkles are the queen and frosting is the prince (very manly).

Then come your less valuable, but still tasty, friends like Candy (the princess) and strawberry shortcake, who serves as the king’s right hand man, but is only called upon at certain times.

Somewhere, far down the line, possibly at jester status, comes cookie cake. While I’ll eat, it’s primarily to get to the frosting, and it holds no trump value.

However, on Valentine’s Day, I made an iron skillet cookie cake that rocked my monarchy. It’s unbelievably thick, with crispy edges and a chewy center. I topped it with vanilla ice cream (the king of kings) and – oh wow. Let’s just say, I’m considering some promotions.

cookie monster

One day, when Jim and I first started dating, he was complaining for hours about being hungry.  We were not in a position to get food, and he was really hurting from starvation.  When we reached a point where we were finally able to get food, it occurred to me that the entire time I'd had cookies with me that Courtney had made.

Yesterday, we were joking about this time (because he was hungry again) and ever since then, I have not been able to shake my craving for cookies.

Normally, they don't really appeal to me, because my sweet tooth is satisfied (almost exclusively) by ice cream.  However, there's just something about cookies that I can't resist today.

I can't help but wonder if it's fate that today's recipe from Real Simple was for peanut butter cookies. Am I supposed to put on my apron and get to work?
Or maybe, I should just get busy on one of these amazing sites.  Next time you're in need of a cookie (or two or three), try indulging here...

1. In need of an after school work snack? Try the SweetChip custom cookie shop on Etsy. Pick your style (chewy. always chewy.), your add-ins from a list - or request your own - then sit back and relax for 24 hours.  Then, grab some milk and enjoy your cookies.  Who needs an apron now, right?
2.  Or, in case you're feeling sleepy later this afternoon, check out A Snack in the Face.  These cookies are caffeinated.  Why opt for coffee when you can have a cookie? Or, better yet, why not both?
3. Or, for when old chocolate chip just can't satisfy you, try The Cravory.  The site boasts 950 cookie options, from Savory Rosemary Balsamic to Pancakes and Bacon to Red Velvet to good old Chocolate Chip.  That way, you're prepared even when you're at at your most adventurous.

4. And, in case you've exhausted the 950 possibilities from The Cravory, try out Momofuku. I'm especially intrigued by the Compost Cookie, made of pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch and chocolate chips.  I'm a sucker for the salty/sweet combo, and let's be honest, composting is the eco-friendly thing to do.

I bet you're thinking about cookies now to, eh?