yaay! yaay! yaay!

It's April! I am so happy about this, and here's why you should be, too...

1. We are in the month of the Royal Wedding! Which means we will soon get to see all of Kate Middleton's fabulous choices. The dress, the flowers, the bridesmaids...ah!
2. Spring is rilly rilly here, and it's here to stay. It's going to be 81 and sunny this weekend and I have a good feeling we won't see Jack Frost again for a looong time. Time to get out those skirts&dresses!
3. It's baseball season! Although I can't pretend I watch it on TV, I absolutely love (love!) going to Braves games. The Home Opener is one week from today and I am super excited about it.
4. I have a month full of special visitors! My mom, Allie and Sara are all coming to stay with me and I can't wait to play hostess.
By the way, it's totally April's style to start out on Friday. So fun.

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