birthday in review. di di!

Other than having decent handwriting, I pretty much have zero artistic talent (see the tree I painted. in college). This includes no eye for photography, though I tried that in high school. And I sometimes think about buying a camera just so I can get this cute strap. But those qualities haven't led to an artistic breakthrough.

However, I do have enough awareness to realize just how great the pictures from my birthday weekend are. They make me feel pretty obsessed with my friends. I'll let them do most of the talking...

Shared birthday :) 

Like only Meggie can do, she bought us monogrammed toilet paper. 

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday perfect :) A special shout out to Allie for surprising us. You're all amazing.

And although the photos don't say it, thank you to my perfect family too. My birthday couldn't have been any better, all because of youskies.

Also. I promise we actually made it to the bars. Somehow we just didn't manage to take pictures there.