I promise it's love.

So I decided yesterday's post was a little misleading, based on the amount of people that asked me: why don't you like fall?

It's not that I don't like fall. In fact, I actually love it. It offers some of my favorite things: tailgates, pumpkins, Halloween/haunted houses/candy corn, great date opportunities, crisp beautiful weather, great clothes (boots! layers!), festivals, Hocus Pocus watching...

It's kind of amazing.

However, what I don't like about it is that it means summer is over. I realize fall shouldn't be blamed for this, but it's hard not to associate the end of one season with the beginning of the other.

But I guess I'll try to work on this, because fall doesn't deserve to get a bad reputation in my head.

So, for all of you who were worried that I was some sort of fall-hating crazy, I assure you, I'm a lover of the season.

And after an amazing UGA southern-style tailgate this weekend, my love for it has grown even more...

Happy Wednesday :)