'tis the season

So you might say that I'm not really great with football. For example, it wasn't until way too late in life that I learned what a first down was (AKA senior year of college at an NFL game). And this year when I joined my first Fantasy league, I didn't know you actually had to do something with it every week (wha??).

But, there is something I love about football season. Everyone is just so happy and primed to play. From Saturday morning to Sunday night, people are ready to be social. Especially in the south. And I love it.

This weekend, when I wasn't "watching" (aka at a party where it was on) football, I was outside. And the combination was glorious. Fall came early in Georgia, with seventy and humidity-free sunny days. The highlight of my weekend was a bonfire, where everyone brought a dish - including some phenom chili - and we all embraced the amazing weather.

I wish, with all of my heart, it could stay like this until March, when it turns to spring. It's so happy.

PS: Don't worry. There were definitely s'mores at the bonfire. Di di di!

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