from one to another

I realize it's Thursday, but last weekend was too wonderful to go unmentioned. So let's kick start this weekend with an appreciation of the last one.

On Friday night, Katie G. and I went to an O. mag party at Ikea, where we got to hear Peter Walsh talk, but were primarily excited about being able to bop around the empty store with wine.
We played house and pretended we were purchasing new kitchens for our homes. We planned lots of great imaginary upcoming parties in our new granite kitchens, and you're all invited. 

We were also really pumped about the froyo. 
After the party, I flew home to Indiana for Megan's bridal shower. Saturday was such a happy day, spent with my dear friends. It was so fun to celebrate Megan's engagement.

Saturday night, my mom and I went on a little date, compliments of my dad. He'd hurt his back and couldn't join us, which was sad, but we still had fun.
Afterward, I tried to convince my mom to crash a huge party one of their neighbors was having, but she said this wasn't really appropriate to do in the grown up world. She seemed to think the hosts would have noticed two unfamiliar faces. I'm not sure when this shift happens that parties aren't a come one, come all event, but I'm certainly going to look out for it over the next few years.

Instead we just casually creeped by the party so we could spy. It was pretty successful. Though we did not have such luck trying to get a picture of our romantic date night...