Savannah is for brothers

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Duke in Statesboro, Georgia.

In case you're some crazy person that has been living underground for the last 23 years, and have therefore missed how amazing of a broski he is, let me enlighten you. When I arrived Friday night, Duke had made chicken and peppers for us and had a bottle of Riesling and OJ waiting for me, all to be followed by slow churned ice cream and candy corn.

Um is he the best or what?

Saturday morning, we went for a run on campus and then headed to Savannah. Oh my stars. It is the best place ever. All day we kept trying to describe what it reminded us of: Nashville, Rosemary Beach, Bloomington, Maine, Boston, Sandestin, Disney World!!

Until finally, we just decided it is a little bit of all of those magical places in one, which makes it Savannah.

And we are both completely in love with it.
The historic portion of the city covers an area of only four miles, yet we probably walked at least ten during the day. After an amazing lunch, a tour of the Owens-Thomas house, mystery hunting in Colonial Park cemetery, meandering along the river and much more, I looked at Duke and said, well, I think we've about done it all. To which Duke looked at me like I was a complete looney toon, and said, are you serious?

Because, we most certainly could have stayed for a week and still there would have been more to do.

What I should have said was: I'm totally dead and am ready for an iced coffee. But I felt better blaming our trip home on running out of things to do, as opposed to the fact that Savannah took me down.

When we got back to Statesboro, we went to a party with some of Duker's new friends. I was so happy to get to meet them, see his apartment and campus, and really get a visual on his new life. Although three hours is still rilly a lot of miles between us, it's great to know he's a weekend drive away.
This house was very, very large.