stars & silence

Whenever I leave the city, I'm shocked to find how much I miss a more rural environment. Shocked not because it's unexpected, as corn fields were more common than Biber kids growing up, but because I don't really realize how much I miss it until I'm in it.
Friday night, eight of us headed up to Lindsey's mountain house, where the sky sparkled like glitter with stars, and I found myself constantly wanting to take deep breaths, just to taste the fresh air. We spent the evening with good cheap wine and good conversation, and I desperately wanted to stay longer as we packed up the car Saturday.

However, I was pleasantly surprised upon my return, as a group of my friends went to a Silent Disco. I'm not sure if I've missed some sort of memo on these things, but I had no idea what I was walking into, to the point that before going I Googled the band Silent Disco. When very few results turned up, I decided they must just be pretty new, and therefore I was about to find myself on the cutting edge of music.

Not the case.

A Silent Disco is where everyone has wireless headphones to listen to the music. Which means you walk in and everyone is dancing, like crazy, in silence. Hesitant I may have been at first, but by the end, I was loving life.

Not known as the best dancer, I loved that there were two stations to listen to, and therefore someone watching me didn't necessarily know which song I was on. My moves didn't match their music? Clearly I was jamming to something else (see photo below - background = go to move).
Additionally, as the night progressed and everyone loosened up, people started singing out loud. So when you removed your headphones you heard people singing loudly, in unison to a song that didn't appear to be playing.
And in a slightly less foreign venue, I wrapped up the weekend babysitting, and if you could end the weekend with these peanuts, you'd be in a state of bliss, too...
I felt conflicted last night, as I was sad to see such a fun weekend end, but also really excited to get this week going in order to transport myself to Indiana Wednesday. I must say that wanting to stay in the present, yet itching for the week to come, is a pretty nice way to end a weekend.