Broskies & Bloomington Loving in GA

‎"On this night, Indiana University basketball dramatically, demonstrably announced its return... the Hoosiers returned to national relevance with the kind of performance, the kind of finish, that will not be forgotten." USA TODAY

The awesomeness that was this weekend can be seen most clearly through the eyes of my brothers.

After IU beat Kentucky, Sam and his roommates put their speakers in their apartment windows and DJed for hours as students fled Kirkwood. It actually gives me goosebumps to watch it. He is a rockstar!

Duke was visiting me in Atlanta, and there couldn't have been a better weekend for it. To have a fellow Hoosier with me equaled perfect. It definitely beat telling people: yes, in Indiana we actually care about basketball. And explaining why it's awesome that Sam and his friends singlehandedly started the Kirkwood party. Duke knows just why it's awesome. :)

He also attended my company's holiday party with me, and afterward we did a quick costume change, picked up Melissa, and headed to Casey's tacky sweater party. Upon uniting with Casey, we immediately sang IU's fight song, of course.
The weekend really couldn't have gone wrong with an IU win, but with Duke by my side for the festivities, it went from good to awesome.

Sunday night, I rode solo to a holiday dinner and, even without other Indianans there for support, was pleasantly surprised by how many people wanted to talk about the game. The night was pretty much made 100 percent happy when this guy said to me: basketball is just better when Indiana is good.

Hear, hear!