acquiring new dance moves

My friend Hannah has joked that I have no ability to course correct. This became abundantly clear last night when Abby and I tried Zumba. I was chop chopping left while the rest of the class was shake shaking right. Combine that with my less than stellar dance moves, and you've got a girl thanking the Lord there was no camera in the class.

Abby assured me before the class that she would be bad, too, but I should have used my detective skills to realize she was not being completely honest, seeing as she cheered for UGA and definitely is more coordinated than me. Fortunately she was kind enough to drop me discreet hints, such as, "I think it helps to get the feet motion down before adding in the arms."

She was right!

Although it wasn't my most graceful hour, I definitely enjoyed the class. Our instructor was so happy and I left the class feeling refreshed. I will say that had I not run prior, it might not have sufficed as my workout for the day. Though 90 percent of me feels this is less Zumba's fault, and more the fault of me being just a step behind on the moves...

Chop chop, shake shake, dip dip, swivel!