And so begins the fridge challenge...

When my mom visited me in April, we were thrilled to discover  the new Publix Greenwise was opening in my apartment complex the same weekend. 

While we didn't technically plan the two to coincide, you may as well have thought we did based on our grand opening attendance. We ran around the store like kids on Christmas morning - checking the superb aisle organization, oohing and aahing at the product selection and interviewing the employees: "are you excited?" "do you think the people at Kroger are sad?" "what's your favorite sample?"

We love a good grocery store.

However, combine that with my love of fresh produce, and you've got an astronomical grocery bill.

Inspired by Shape's One Month No Grocery Challenge and the fact that I'm moving at the end of the month (more on that later), I'm abstaining from going to the grocery store for the rest of the month.

It's going to be a serious (majorly serious) challenge, seeing as I'm currently chickenless in this house. However, I'm relatively stocked up on vegetables - both frozen and fresh. It will just force me to eat more strategically and be less flippant about expiring spinach. No doubt I'll be nomming on soup by Jan. 31, but I'm hoping I'll actually clean out the cabinets, save money and avoid lugging cans of beans to my new place.

Wish me luck!

PS I only wish I had so many peppers as there are in that stocked fridge above! Yummers!