The District!

What do you get when you put an Allie, a Courtney, a Sam, a Ryan, a Lily, a Finn, a Crosby and a Whitney all in the same city?

A rilly rilly good weekend! Di! I had so much fun in DC.

The weekend was kick-started perfectly when I arrived in DC (OK Baltimore. I messed up a little) and AlPal had a large coffee waiting for me. Not only that, but she paid $1 extra to get me the travel mug, which was pretty much the best souvenir I could have asked for.
We then went back to her cute apartment, where she’d purchased all of my favorite snacks for an hors d’oeuvres dinner. After that, we met up with her friends in Adams Morgan, and I got to get a taste of DC’s nightlife.
The next day, we did a little shopping, then met Sam and Court&Co. on the Mall. As usual, no words can really express how wonderful it was to be with them. After lunch Allie and I thoroughly discussed our plan to get our family all in one spot again. This GA to VA to IN to CO (and in between!) spread is cramping our style.
Courtney also hand delivered my Reginald’s peanut butter, and, let me tell you: it was worth the wait. I highly  recommend the Cashew Nilla. It’s like dessert, but without sugar! Unreal.
After we left them, Allie and I went on an extremely long walk from her apartment in the District to Georgetown, and back again. On the return route we discovered an exercise trail, which pretty much turned a good walk into a great walk. And, embarrassingly, my obliques were a little sore the next day. I guess those stations work!
Saturday night, we went out in DuPont Circle, to which we also returned the next day for brunch.
I am so grateful to not only have gotten to explore DC – both on foot and via a car – but also to have had the time with Al. I love being able to visualize her life when she tells me she’s running this errand, or seeing this friend.
Thank you for your fabulous hostessing, Allie!