the joneses

Last night at small group we skipped out on our lesson and talked instead. I left feeling really happy and with a very full heart. I often wonder what I did every week before I got to spend time with these little friends.

Sometimes it's really easy to get in the habit of looking around and comparing your life to someone else's (especially in your twenties). The haves and have-nots are drawn with a very thick Sharpie these days. Have gotten promotions. Haven't gotten a job. Have a ring. Haven't found a boyfriend. Have a robust social life. Haven't quite found their niche. And so forth. And sometimes it's easy to have a whole lot, but focus on that one little thing that you feel is missing.

But last night, as I sat among a group of most beautiful women, each of which has something different happening in life right now, I was reminded how important it is to be grateful for where we are each day. These days, I may not have it all; but I have them here with me in Atlanta. And that's pretty darn great.