Atlanta Fresh!

I'm not opposed to making blanket statements, and certainly wouldn't dare to call myself a skeptic. But as a seasoned Greek yogurt connoisseur, when I heard that Atlanta Fresh Greek yogurt was life changing, I knew I needed to investigate.

Still abstaining from sugar, I could only try the plain version, which was kind of a bummer because of their enticing flavors (Chocolate Rocket! Peach and Ginger!). But, it worked out since I typically eat plain anyway; it made it easier to benchmark.

While I didn't love the price, it had an undeniable smoothness that made it taste more decadent than other Greek yogurts. I also love that it's local because even though I don't technically know the owners, it still kind of makes me feel like I'm supporting my friends.

Next time, I'm thinking I'll mix it with my Reginald's and just really be blissing.