Let's Try This Again: CSA

Do you remember last summer when I told you I joined a CSA then went totally crickets and never mentioned it again?

Right. Here's what happened:
I was all fired up to subscribe for the fall, which begins the first week of August. 
But then I remembered we were moving and the last thing you want to move is tons of produce. In fact I prefer to have completely clean cabinets for a move.
So I missed the August option, but figured I jump in to the next session, ten weeks later. 
But then we got rats. And you definitely don't want to bring precious local produce into a house with rats. We didn't want any food in our house at all, to be exact.

And that CSA sure slipped my mind.

Excuses, excuses. I know. 

But here I am, one year later, to report that yesterday, I really joined the Riverview Farms CSA. Wahoo! I signed up, paid and have my official pickup location for next Wednesday. I'm so excited to eat local Georgia veggies for the next ten weeks. 
I'm hoping:
1. I get more experimental with my meals, instead of buying the same 10 items and eating the same three meals every week. 
2. I go to the grocery store less often.
3. I try new veggies I've never had - or maybe even heard of!

I will, of course, keep you posted. 

And this time, I promise to do it.

thank you // edible schoolyard

Before we get down to business today, I want to extend a HUGE and ginormous thank you to everyone who repinned, reddit and shared my bucket list. My blog saw a big jump in activity and I'm so grateful to everyone who passed it on! It is so much fun to watch people enjoy and participate in something I created. I'm really just speechless by it! So thank you :)


In other ATL news, last week I had the pleasure of attending an Edible Schoolyard event hosted by SPARK, a local elementary school. If you're unfamiliar, the Edible Schoolyard started in California a while back, and has spread across the U.S. It allows kids to spend time at school gardening, then they use the vegetables grown on the local level (get the full story). 

SPARK spent all fall growing kale and spinach and then harvested it last Monday morning. Monday night, the kiddos donated all of the produce to Murphy's (yum!), who used it in their salads, then donated a percentage of the sales back to the school.

Everybody wins! 

I had so much fun being there, especially while watching how excited the kids were to try kale for the first time, learn about healthy eating and enjoy the fruits of their labor. 

I'm going to start volunteering at events more - and maybe even help in the garden if my schedule permits. I'm so excited about the new opportunity, considering it combines a lot of my favorites things (healthy eating, being outside, children, the Highlands...).

If it's your jam, you should find one in your neighborhood and do it, too! And then tell me about it. :) I really can't encourage it enough! It was so refreshing, and I only wanted to steal like 10 of the kids.

Just kidding.

Kind of.

atlanta bucket list, here we go...

Atlanta Bucket List

Atlanta is a city of transplants, natives being a rare breed. It leads to a widespread attitude of: I might leave Atlanta tomorrow. Or I might stay forever.

Which is exactly how I feel. Some days, I am in love with this city, and can imagine myself raising my family here, sweet little y’all saying babes. And other times, I think: what’s next? Where will my next adventure take me?

Regardless of how long I will be here, it’s high-time I put my bucket list into writing. So here we go. Every ATL must-do, for your partaking pleasure. I've already checked off a few long-standing bucket listers. But there are still quite a few to go.
Let's do this...

  1. Dahlonega to hike and wine taste
  2. Dogwood Festival ✓ done
  3. Grant Park Farmers’ Market ✓ done
  4. Braves Game ✓ done. a lot.
  5. Peachtree Road Race ✓ done, albeit a last minute decision and a bandit entry.
  6. Triathlon at Lake Lanier ✓ done
  7. Serenbe Farm for brunch and exploring ✓ done
  8. BBQ at Fat Matt’s done
  9. Breakfast at Ria's Bluebird ✓ done
  10. NASCAR at Atlanta Motor Speedway
  11. World of Coke Museum ✓ done
  12. Live music at Eddie’s Attic ✓ done
  13. Six Flags Over GA ✓ done
  14. Pizza and gelato at Antico ✓ done
  15. Go to the original Chik Fil A in Hapeville ✓ done - with this crazy broad - not even on purpose
  16. Fernbank ✓ done
  17. Night out at MJQ and El Bar ✓ done
  18. Gladys Knight Chicken and Waffles
  19. 420 Fest ✓ done
  20. Live music at Northside Tavern (must be there for band's entrance) ✓ done
  21. Dinner&bocce at Empire State South ✓ done
  22. Jimmy Carter Library and Museum
  23. Explore the BeltLine ✓ done
  24. Bottomless wine night at Barcelona
  25. Atlanta Botanical Garden ✓ done
  26. Taste of Atlanta
  27. Atlanta Hawks game ✓ done
  28. Free Beer Friday at Diesel at 5:37
  29. Concert at Chastain ✓ done
  30. Concert at Aaron’s Amphitheater ✓ done (Jimmy Buffett, Toby Keith and Def Lepperd. Kind of an assortment...)
  31. Burgers at Ann’s Snack Bar
  32. Prohibition
  33. Drive in movie at Starlight
  34. Johnny’s Hideaway ✓done. but not until this weekend. how did i go that long without it?
  35. Blast 900 ✓done and was so sore.
  36. Go to a political debate at Manuel’s Tavern
  37. Atlanta Falcons game ✓ done
  38. Georgia Aquarium ✓ done
  39. Dad’s Garage
  40. Oyster Fest ✓ done!
  41. Volunteer at CHOA ✓ done
  42. Monster Truck Rally at the Georgia Dome ✓ done
  43. Sweetwater on a Friday afternoon ✓done
  44. When it Rains We Pour at Park Tavern ✓ done
  45. Explore ethnic restaurants on Buford Highway ✓ done
  46. Holeman + Finch burger ✓ done. good burger. not so good date.
  47. Karaoke on Buford Highway ✓ done
  48. The Goat Farm ✓ done
  49. Hike Stone Mountain ✓ done
  50. Shuffleboard at Twain’s ✓ done
  51. Tuesday nights at Star Bar
  52. Martinis & IMAX
  53. Picnic in Historic 4th Ward Park
  54. Eat at Vortex (Little Five Points) ✓ done
  55. Drinks at the Sun Dial ✓ done
  56. Rocky Horror Picture Show (in costume)
  57. Kayak the Chattahoochee at sunrise ✓ done
  58. Brunch at West Egg ✓ done and a major addiction
  59. Shoot the Hooch ✓ done. many times. (and will do many more times)
  60. Ride the Silver Comet Trail ✓done, while tri training
  61. Eat at Waffle House ✓ done, but only had chocolate milk. so did it count?
  62. W rooftop pool ✓ done
  63. Feed to duckies at Piedmont Park ✓ done
  64. Tailgate for Tech ✓ done
  65. Tailgate for UGA (I know. It’s a blog divided) ✓ done
  66. Brunch at Sun in my Belly ✓ done
  67. Decatur Farmers' Market ✓ done
  68. Ice skate at Park Tavern ✓ done
  69. Summerfest in the Highlands ✓ done
  70. Lunch at Mary Mac’s Tea Room ✓ done
  71. Go to Flip Burger, Farm Burger and Yeah! Burger (but not in one night) ✓ done, done and done
  72. Buy something at Paris on Ponce ✓ done
  73. Scott’s Antique Show ✓ done
  74. CNN Center
  75. Falafel King in Emory Village
  76. Zoo Atlanta ✓ done
  77. FlyWheel Atlanta ✓ done
  78. Coffee at Octane in Grant Park ✓ done
  79. Tour Oakland Cemetery
  80. Lucky Fest ✓ done
  81. Dinner at TOP FLR
  82. Jewelry making class at Brina Beads
  83. Drive and sip coffee down Tuxedo Road
  84. Games at Ormsby's ✓ done
  85. Helen, GA Oktoberfest ✓ done
  86. Hot&fresh doughnuts at Krispy Kreme
  87. Eat at One Midtown Kitchen and Two Urban Licks ✓ done and done
  88. Hummus plate at Cafe Agora ✓ done
  89. Pumpkin Carving Contest at P’cheen
  90. Screen on the Green 
  91. Thrashers game ✓ done
  92. Food Truck Park ✓ done
  93. King of Pops ✓done
  94. Fireworks at Lenox ✓ done
  95. Eat at the Varsity ✓ done
  96. Callaway Gardens
  97. Music Midtown
  98. Milkshakes at Woody's ✓ done 
  99. Yum Yum cupcake Truck ✓ done
  100. Souper Jenny ✓ done
  101. Piedmont Park Arts Fest ✓ done
  102. Café Jonah ✓ done
  103. Yacht Rock ✓ done and done
  104. PureBarre ✓ done
  105. Grocery shop at Your Dekalb Farmers' Market ✓ done
  106. Stone Mountain Laser Show
  107. Carryout from Little Bangkok ✓ done
  108. Governor's Mansion at Christmas
  109. A show at the Fox done
  110. Brew at the Zoo
  111. Atlanta History Center ✓done
  112. Hike Sweetwater Creek State Park
  113. Apple picking in north Georgia
  114. Christmas tree lighting at Lenox
  115. Fox Bro's BBQ ✓ done
  116. Tasting at Red Brick Brewery (formerly ABC) ✓done
  117. HIGH Museum
  118. Improv at Village Theatre
  119. The Glen Hotel Rooftop Bar
  120. Green Market at Piedmont Park ✓done
  121. Dinner at Watershed ✓done
  122. Juice the town: Arden's Garden, Juicy Jenny and Kale Me Crazy ✓ done
  123. High tea at Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party ✓ done
  124. Chomp & Stomp ✓ done
  125. Run in Lullwater Preserve ✓ done
  126. Drinks at Wrecking bar ✓ done
  127. Downtown Ferris Wheel ✓ done
  128. Dinner at an Underground Supper Club ✓ done, but really want to try PushStart, too. 
  129. Brunch at Murphy's ✓ done
  130. Spin the rock at the corner of 10th and Piedmont ✓ done
  131. Breakfast at Highland Bakery in Old Fourth Ward (must have sweet potato biscuit) ✓ done
  132. Chattahoochee Coffee Company ✓ done
  133. Explore the Bellwood Quarry ✓ done
  134. JCT Sunday Supper ✓ done
  135. Doughnuts at Sublime (strawberry shortcake for me!)
  136. Bottomless wine & cheese plate at Parish ✓ done
  137. Victory Sandwiches (+spiked slushies) ✓ done
  138. Games & Moscow Mule slushies at the Painted Pin ✓ done
  139. Grab a glass of wine and see a movie at Midtown Arts Cinema ✓ done
  140. Westside Provisions District crawl: dinner at JCT, dessert at Jeni's ice cream, games at Ormsby's and music at Northside Tavern ✓done
  141. Rooftop dinner at Six Feet Under 
  142. Dinner at Bartaco ✓ done
  143. Brunch at Buttermilk Kitchen ✓ done
  144. African food at 10 Degrees South
  145. Music at Blind Willie's ✓ done
What am I missing?

PS: A HUGE thank you to everyone who added to this list via comments and emails. I love that it is a work in progress and a compilation of the ideas of so many amazing people! Let me know what you try :)

eating meat? // local eats

Going vegan hasn't exactly produced the results I'd hoped for. And for weeks, I've been "about to quit". Though I can't bring myself to give up on the dream just yet.

However, when I do get back on the meat, cheese and eggs bandwagon, I am undoubtedly going to be using Real Time Farms. It allows you to track everything you're eating - whether in a restaurant or at your house - back to a farm. Guaranteeing you're finding antibiotic-free meat and produce.

Through crowd sourcing, it generates a mapped food guide. It just launched this summer, so there are still quite a few gaps. You should submit your favorite restaurants. I obviously submitted a few million.

This means I can finally get an answer to my question as to how one local restaurant can't stock avocado because it's not grown anywhere nearby, and another local restaurant, just up the road, has a surplus. Who's defining local, here? And can't we just all agree on avocados for all?

Happy Friday farming to ya!