eating meat? // local eats

Going vegan hasn't exactly produced the results I'd hoped for. And for weeks, I've been "about to quit". Though I can't bring myself to give up on the dream just yet.

However, when I do get back on the meat, cheese and eggs bandwagon, I am undoubtedly going to be using Real Time Farms. It allows you to track everything you're eating - whether in a restaurant or at your house - back to a farm. Guaranteeing you're finding antibiotic-free meat and produce.

Through crowd sourcing, it generates a mapped food guide. It just launched this summer, so there are still quite a few gaps. You should submit your favorite restaurants. I obviously submitted a few million.

This means I can finally get an answer to my question as to how one local restaurant can't stock avocado because it's not grown anywhere nearby, and another local restaurant, just up the road, has a surplus. Who's defining local, here? And can't we just all agree on avocados for all?

Happy Friday farming to ya!