$500. Let's Do This.

It's a double post kind of day, because I just received a HUGELY generous donation to my charity : water well. For the next $500 I raise, my dad will match $6 for every $1 donated. This means that if you donate $20, he'll donate $120, and instead of serving one person with your donation, we'll be able to serve seven.


He is the best!

Every day things get me really, really excited. But that normal, day to day happiness has been completely blown away by the incredibly generous donations of my friends and family during the last few weeks. Yes, when XXX happens at work, or in my personal life, it's great. But being supported and wrapped in love by all of you, and being able to give that love to those in need, is so much more fulfilling.

I really cannot begin to express how excited I am, and would greatly appreciate your continued support. I'm at $1,704 now, so until we hit $2,204, Dave's matching program has officially begun. Let's go! :)

THANK YOU DAD!!!! I love you!