we're going to ethopia! // get set, let's go!

That's right, my friends! You, me and all 67 beautiful, wonderful people who donated to my charity : water campaign are riding our dollars all the way to Ethiopia, where they're digging
well loved // one tri : one well!
I was so excited to receive an email last week, detailing the campaign's progress. In 18 months a town in Ethiopia will have clean water for the first time, and will hang up their jerry cans filled with dirty water forever. Yes - forever.
I was overwhelmed when we reached $5,000 and now I am even happier as I watch the real action begin to take place. I can only imagine how I will feel when the well is complete - all thanks to your amazing support. I will be sure to update you on progress. :) thank you!

Appropriately enough, today charity : water launched its holiday campaign. And it's ahhmazinggg. Watch it below - I've already played it a bajillion times/am just listening to it on repeat.

Are you ready?
Get set, let's go!
images - some from Ethiopia!

what shall we call you?

Last month, I updated you on my one tri: one well campaign for charity: water, where, together, we raised $5,841. And now, I am so excited to fill you in on the next steps.

The funds have been distributed, and during the course of the next 18 months, they'll begin digging the well. Once it is complete, they'll send me a report, with photos, village information and GPS coordinates for where the well is located. Check out an example of these details here. I can't wait to Google earth the coordinates!

But before any of that happens, I have to name the well. And I wouldn't feel right doing it without your help. Obviously.

Below are a few ideas I have. Be sure to vote, or, if you have something better, leave it as a comment. It just has to be 50 characters or less, including spaces. I'm not sure I am sold on any of them yet, so I am certainly open to suggestions.

And thank you - in advance - for the great ideas I know will flow like water from your minds.

charity: water well name

Also - check out this amazing video about charity: water's latest well. I watched it. And I cried.

ATL Hold It Down

I've expressed before that I have an irrational, and yet very real, fear that I am ungrateful. And this past weekend, my fear skyrocketed with the culmination of three projects.

First, I completed my triathlon. I was blown away by how supportive my friends&family were - from texts to wall posts and everything in between, it felt so wonderful to know that people were supporting me during the race.
With the tri came the end of my campaign, one tri: one well for charity:water. Eee! I was so nervous to try to raise $2,500, and you all ended up donating more than $5,000. Instead of funding half of a well, we've funded an entire well for a village. A village will have water forever! Can you believe it!? I can't. I'm so so appreciative of your support, and when I started losing steam during the tri, I thought of all of those kids that walk miles&miles every day carrying buckets of water. And I knew I could do it for them. Thank you for motivating me!

And finally, Cheers for Children was Saturday night. I am so very grateful to everyone who attended! I was blown away by how supportive my friends were. To have you all there was absolutely amazing and I really, really appreciate you supporting the cause.

Whew. Quite a weekend. THANK YOU!

neighbor, maybor!

Remember Tuesday when we rejoiced&embraced May? Yaay! And with all those wonderful things it brings, it also means we are now officially in the triathalon neighbor month. Ah! My tri is right.next.door. We are touching it!

With your help, I've raised more than $2,000 (YAAY! and thank you!), with 101 people served. This makes my heart so happy. I like to think of the water going to lots of little babies and kids mainly. With just $461 to go, I'm feeling confident we'll hit the $2,500 mark. (!).

I am slightly less confident in my biking skills, but I'm going for a ride on my lunch today. Let's hope I'll be pleasantly surprised. I'll be sure to report back.