ATL Hold It Down

I've expressed before that I have an irrational, and yet very real, fear that I am ungrateful. And this past weekend, my fear skyrocketed with the culmination of three projects.

First, I completed my triathlon. I was blown away by how supportive my friends&family were - from texts to wall posts and everything in between, it felt so wonderful to know that people were supporting me during the race.
With the tri came the end of my campaign, one tri: one well for charity:water. Eee! I was so nervous to try to raise $2,500, and you all ended up donating more than $5,000. Instead of funding half of a well, we've funded an entire well for a village. A village will have water forever! Can you believe it!? I can't. I'm so so appreciative of your support, and when I started losing steam during the tri, I thought of all of those kids that walk miles&miles every day carrying buckets of water. And I knew I could do it for them. Thank you for motivating me!

And finally, Cheers for Children was Saturday night. I am so very grateful to everyone who attended! I was blown away by how supportive my friends were. To have you all there was absolutely amazing and I really, really appreciate you supporting the cause.

Whew. Quite a weekend. THANK YOU!