yoga summa

Yoga last night was a little bit of a mess - not because of anything the instructor did, but because of my own struggles. My body was impossibly tight and my mind was but there.

More specifically, I spent the majority of the class thinking about summer camp.

Days on the lake, morning walks to chapel, the smell of the dining room, where my camp crushes are now (I'm looking at you Pat and Mike)...

What prompted this level of reminiscence, I'm not sure. I think it had something to do with the way this unusually cool Georgia weather filled the studio - the windows were open and the cross breeze felt much more similar to nights in the cabin than the average June day in Atlanta.

Although I left the class slightly less zenned out than I typically hope for, it did make me extra happy about life. Less than one week until it's officially summer, and camp, or no camp, I'm really excited about all the season has to offer.