two to go!

Rentry! Whoah! Back to life after a week of beach bliss (pictures tomorrow).

Reality hit this morning, not only in my email inbox (!), but also when I realized there are only two months until my triathalon. Eeep! Time to lock it down on training and fundraising.

So far, you've helped me raise enough money to provide 16 people with clean drinking water. I can't thank you enough. I've felt so supported both financially, and by people sharing the link. I once heard that the feeling you get when you're mentioned on Facebook and Twitter is equivalent to a warm, fuzzy. Quadruple that feeling - and that's how I've felt anytime someone has donated and/or shared my link. It makes me all buzzy and puts pep in my step.

Without being obnoxious, I'd like to ask that you continue to support me throughout the next two months. Again, if you can't provide financially, please feel free to pass on my link to those who can. Thank you again - I truly appreciate it!

My well:
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