real talk thursday

I'm 90 percent sure I was still in the womb when I established my love for J.Crew. And I'm 100 percent certain you all have been subjected, tirelessly, to this obsession.

But somewhere between graduation and the reality of bills, our very intimate relationship has turned into me lusting from afar. Where did I go wrong?! I swear I used to have the upper hand.

The Frugal Fashionista's recent blog about post-collegiate shopping summed it up nicely - from her excitement over a $12 Jackie ($12!?) to the intimacy that she has established with the brick wall that is her new reality - I'm pretty sure we're on the same path.

And with that, I have established three solid truths:
1. After another three grocery-free weeks, I'm pretty sure cleaning out your fridge and finding amazing deals at Trader Joe's feels almost (almost!) as good as a snag at J.Crew.
2. I am even more grateful than words can explain for all the donations I've received to my well. Last weekend I was overcharged $2 on dinner out and kind of felt like I'd been robbed. The fact that you've been willing to donate more than 1,100 times that blows my mind. Thank you!
3. Someday I'm going to look back and be really grateful I was forced to learn to budget. And by someday, I mean I'm already grateful for it. Even if my closet is slightly less robust. You can't dress these life lessons up - you just have to live them.