weekend review on a wednesday

A little thing happened to Monday and Tuesday. They disappeared. Out of thin baby air. So I forgot to tell you how happy the weekend with Duke and Sam was.

We went to Sweetwater and West Egg (!), explored the Highlands on foot (&with coffee in hand), squeezed in a little bit of pool time before the rain began, went back to the Highlands at night, worked out, made veggie burgers and just enjoyed every bit of one another's company.

I also introduced them to the King of Pops, which is a borderline-embarrassing obsession for me. They're just so good! Duke and Sam were skeptical upfront, but I'm pretty sure I've made KOP lovers out of them, too.
Monday morning was a little bit rough - I'm still not sure why I live so far away from those guys - but the week's busyness took over and quickly put an end to my pity party. I'm counting down the days until I see them both again and am already making mental preparations for upcoming trips to visit them.

I hope your weekend was wonderful!