the truth always comes out

You may have noticed that last week on the blog, things were a little sparse (see fake birthday and arm party posts). This is because the one thing I can think to blog about is exactly the one thing I don't want to blog about.

You see. I went vegan.

I know.

I love chicken! And I've long since admitted that I'm not technically an animal lover (minus puppies).

I didn't want to blog about it for those reasons, and because I feel somewhat bandwagon/poserish.

But, many of you also know that for the last ten years I have struggled with some major digestive issues and as much as I love chicken, what I'd love even more is to feel better.

So, last month a doctor suggested I try a vegan diet. It's been a few weeks and, although I am missing my favorite protein sources (chicken, eggs, Greek yogurt and cheese. OK. And FroYo.), I am off to a good start. Last year, for the same reasons, I gave up all grains and sugar, and the fact that I can now fully add those items back in is making the transition significantly easier.

This is certainly not going to become a vegan blog because (1) there are already so many resources out there dedicated to it, (2) I'm far from being a SME and (3) after trying so many different remedies, I am not yet buying in that it will work. A little jaded, I admit. But, at this point, it's better not to get my hopes up every time.

However, I did recently try my first dedicated vegan baking experience with these chickpea chocolate chip cookies. They taste slightly less sweet than traditional cookies, but are still pretty great. Mine took 20 minutes to cook, not 10 like she said.
I'm sure I'll dabble in some vegan posts as I continue to embark on this new lifestyle. If you have any tips, feel free to send them my way.

So that's that. Now you know what I've been hiding :)