&a happy thursday it was

If you can't beat em, join em, which was exactly our mentality last night. We knew we couldn't beat the heat (106 today through Sunday!), so why not just dive right in? The entire evening was spent outside and I loved every minute of it.

Melissa, Lindsey and I ventured to Atlanta's Food Truck Park. It was very happy, particularly because I tried the Happy Hippie from the Happy Food Truck. You can't even deny that much happiness!

After that I journeyed over to the Goat Farm for my sweet friend Savannah's going away party. It was only my second time to the farm, buuut I kind of love it there. 

I'm really sad, for myself, that Sav is moving, but after seeing her last night - from her excitement around her new job, to the way she glowed when she talked about being with her family - I can't deny that this is a great move for her. I will miss her very much, especially her Sunday night dinners and our afternoons by the pool with King of Pops, but I am really excited for her to begin this new adventure. <3

And now, it's Friday. Which is the perfect way to wrap up a lovely Thursday night, if I do say so myself.