weekend with the mule!

Campaign Move the Bibers to ATL 2k12 continued this weekend when Sam visited me. We had so much fun! Thank you Atlanta for being a really awesome city and for maybe showing off this weekend by being extra great.

Friday night we went to dinner at one of my neighborhood favs, F.R.O.G.s with Sam's friends Ryan and Alex. Saturday we went to West Egg (whoo!), did a little house hunting, then had a pretty solid game of four square.
After that, Sam and I went to Urban Outfitters and the King of Pops. See what I mean? Just a really great day. 
Saturday night, we went to Farm Burger in Decatur for dinner.  And yes, I realize it sounds like we just ate our way through the city, but I can't really deny that. 
After that, we went to the Highlands with my roommate Katie and her fiance. 
It was just a perfect weekend - my only complaint is that it was too short! Come back soon, Mule! And possibly bring a U-Haul and stay for a while!