A Friday Kind of Love

Foreverrrr ago (read: June 8), Allie sent me A Friday Kind of Love. And I kind of loved it.

Because, my friends, A Friday Kind of Love epitomizes my life. I am constantly amped, certain it's going to be the best of the best, always. I've been working pretty hard on having more reasonable expectations of things, telling myself: it will be a fun weekend. It will be nice weather. It will be a good trip. As opposed to the very best weekend with the most perfect weather on the dreamiest of all vacations.

And I think I have gotten a leeetle better, and it has helped me to approach things with a glass half full, as opposed to cup runneth over, attitude. Which is a very important skill to learn.

But sometimes, when it's Friday, I just can't help myself. Because weekends really are the best. It's like a Friday Kind of Love says, even a bad Friday is better than most Tuesdays. Nahmean?

Happy, happy Frideeeee!

Ummm PS I have said the word "Friday" on my blog 78 times. Does that constitute an addiction? I think it does. Eeep!

images via pinterest (anyone know the original?) and the neotraditionalist