hurts so good

In an effort to accomplish my goal of saving money this year, I put a small travel ban on myself. This spring, I had a come-to-Jesus moment, during which time I realized I wasn't saving, because all of my money was being spent on plane tickets. So, I decided, no more airline travel until October (*minus one wedding in July).

From there, the stages of grief were pretty evident.

First, denial: It's not my fault. It's haaard when so many people you love live in one million places.

Then a little bit of pain: I guess I just will never see my family or friends from home. And I will lose my Delta Medallion status. Sigh.

And then some anger and bargaining: Fine. Everyone will just have to come see me.

But soon enough, I experienced my upward turn, and have now settled firmly in the stage of acceptance and hope.

Because I am actually finalllly seeing the fruit of my labor with slightly less financial stress. And also my friends and family have been really wonderful about visiting me (thank you!!). And it's really fun to be in Atlanta on the weekends. Last fall and spring, I traveled so much. And it was very, very great. But this summer I am remembering how blissful it is to be in the city - the weekends seem longer, I feel less stress surrounding getting things done on weeknights, since, while traveling, the weekends are shot and you have to squeeze in packing/unpacking, cleaning, etc. after work. It's been a very eye-opening experience, I tell you!

So, as we approach another weekend, I'm excited to see what this city will bring. Here's to hoping for some ATL goodness! See you in a cool 36 hours, weekend!