A Wednesday Win

A friend recently told me she loves to Olympics because it's a chance for everyone to be the best versions of themselves - from the best athletes to amazing team spirit - everyone is at their finest.

And this is sometimes how I feel about blogging. It's an opportunity to create this little world where you only reveal your wins (Exhibit A: my water skiing post yesterday).

No one is blogging about their mistakes or losses.

I try to live by the policy that I am allowed to brag only about my niece and nephews, because (1) they're not my kiddos, so it's different than Court or Ash doing it, and (2) they're perfect, and you totally would too :)

However, this weekend I discovered something kind of exciting, but a little bit braggish. And I want to share it.

So first, to balance things out, let me share a loss with you. Last week, I wanted to take a boy out for his birthday dinner. I made a whole big hubbub about paying for it and was rrreal dramatic about grabbing the check. And then... I didn't have my credit card. Or debit card. Or cash. Or anything worth bartering for. I was so embarrassed. Not a win for Whitney.

OK. So now that I've admitted that totally shameful piece of information, let me try to bring myself back up to normal-human level with a sweet victory.

I recently discovered that I have officially completed all of my New Year's Resolutions. Cha-ching! No, "slow down and minimize" is not technically measurable. But I can feel a difference, and my mind is in the right spot. So it counts, right!?

I feel pretty excited!

Sooo that's enough bragging for one Wednesday. But I had to share it, because I am pretty sure this has ne.ve.r. happened. Because resolutions are hard to remember past Jan. 2. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I didn't set them until Jan. 11!? Hiyo!