there's something in the water

On Sunday, Roomie Katie asked me if I wanted to take a Calligraphy class with her. And, as much as I hate denying her, I said no.

You see, I have already taken a Calligraphy class. She said it didn't count, because it was in third grade, but it did count - I assure you. Because I learned that I don't care to be a Calligrapher. I almost couldn't be a less-ideal candidate for the class, either, because that kind of patience does not come naturally to me. In fact, if there were any sort of prerequisite or enrollment interview, I can almost guarantee I would not be admitted to take it.

However, there are a number of things I would like to learn to do. Two of the most pressing items are (1) speak French (never mind the eight years of it I've already taken. I'm not good.)  and (2) water ski.

And this weekend, my friends, I actually factually water skied. (Hiyyaaa!)

You see, it has for years that I can't do it. I really wanted to be good at it and I just wasn't. I even took a week (seven days!) of water skiing lessons at Camp Eberhart. And I still could not do it! And again, never mind it was when I was in third grade. It counted.

But this weekend, a combination of great teachers + great drivers got this girl cruising behind the boat. And now I just want to go back to the lake and get my ski on, because I love love it. I'm going to be cube-dreaming of being at Rabun allll week. I just know it!

PS: Even though it wasn't from this weekend, check out one of my all time fav slalom skiers below. Miss Jordano Burrito Smeltzer. Champ!