::hello goodbye::

This is how far apart Sally and I live right now.

And this is how far apart we will live next week.

If I were a bettin girl, I'd choose option A.

Wouldn't you?

She's headed home to Mississippi next weekend, and I felt it was my civic duty to ensure her last weekend in Atlanta was rilly great.

I went to a birthday party for Abby Friday night, after which Sally met up with us to get the weekend started.

It included a small adventure on Marta, lunch at Cafe Jonah (finalllly tried it), a little bit of thrifting, an evening in Midtown with Ben, Maggie and some other fine Hoosiers, Yeah! Burger, Piedmont Park Arts Fest and, of course, the King of Pops. If that's not making the most of our 48, I really don't know what is.

We'll miss you, Sally neighbs!

PS: Telephone cups? They work!