the chicken or the egg?

In recent years I've discovered that my best friend, Katie, has never had a headache. Ever. She asked me if I could describe it to her, and wondered if it was similar to a brain freeze.


And today, I want to talk about heads hurting. Not in the sense of headaches, but instead about things that actually make my brain hurt.

The first and most obvious is outer space. It just goes on - forever?!

The second is the idea of the chicken and the egg. I know it's an overused metaphor. But seriously. Which came first?

And even though it boggles my brain, I like to apply the fundamental elsewhere from time to time. When I come across a situation that begs the question, I like to just drop in a quick, "the chicken or the egg?" with a head shake.

I think it gets the point across nicely.

And [stay with me. I promise this has a point], that is just the way I feel about juicing these days.

A few months ago, in a matter of 48 hours, I went from someone telling me I should try juicing, to which I said: what is that? To having multiple people talk about it, Shape magazine writing a cover article on it, and helping my sorority sister, Ellen, start a juice truck in Boston via Kick Starter.

So what happened? Did juicing all of the sudden blow up in one weekend? Or was it there all along, and I just started noticing it?

The chicken or the egg, nahmean?

OK. It's a loose metaphor. But either way. I don't know when juicing got so hot, but this weekend I got big with Whole Foods' Green Lemonade - celery, kale, spinach, apple, lemon + a shot of ginger. It was no chocolate milk, but it was a pretty solid way to get my kale intake up.
I asked for a juicer for my birthday, so I'm hoping I'll be making my own concoctions soon. I also hope my relationship with the juicer, if acquired, won't be similar to mine with my food dehydrator, which I never used and donated to Good Will when we moved. I think it probably has a happy home, now, but I'd like to avoid the situation altogether.