no monsters in these closets

Yesterday in a meeting, my boss was driving a point home and said: Have you seen Monsters Inc.? It's just like in that movie, where every time you open a door there is a new world to discover.

First of all, this is why I love my job. Because he sold us on his point with Monsters Inc.

Second of all, I've been thinking about this idea ever since he said it. Lately, I feel like I've been stumbling into new parts of Atlanta, or seeing old areas with fresh eyes, and if I were allow myself to do so, I could have a mini-identity crisis every time. I'm having these moments of: Wait. I love Candler Park. Why don't I spend more time over here?

I spent an entire summer interning in Inman Park. I was required to take an hour lunch every day, during which time I would walk around the neighborhood exploring. And yet, this weekend I was in Inman Park and felt anxious that we didn't consider moving here before signing our lease.

Was I not paying attention the first time around? Or have I changed just enough that these areas are more appealing to me now?

I don't know.

I've never prescribed to FOMO, so I refuse to believe it's that the grass is always greener. Because, the grass has been pretty darn green in Midtown for us, and I'm feeling confident we're about to true love on our new place in the Highlands, too.

So what is it?

The optimist in me would like to say that I have just fallen for Atlanta and it continues to please me with every new inch I explore.

On the other hand, the realist (that is only kind of in me) is thinking this might just be part of this crazy season that is 23-28 (*note that this should not be construed as a promise to have things figured out by 28).

We're transitioning and changing, and maybe three years ago Buckhead was perfect for me. And maybe right now the Highlands are just right. And maybe in a few years, it'll be Inman Park, or possibly even another city (or - an even wilder thought - OTP). I really can't say. If you'd told me while I was interning that I'd soon be yearning for a cute little bungalow in Inman Park, I would have told you you'd lost your marbles.

And that's the beautiful thing about this movie of life we're living. We just have to work hard and do our thing, and then to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. You never know what will happen next.