pure joy

One of my favorite feelings in the world is getting up really early and doing a hard workout, and following it with a feast of a breakfast. The feeling of joy it brings me is so real.

Recently, Stacie was telling my friends and me that she felt like she was missing service opportunities - that she really wanted to volunteer more, but she was having a hard time finding ways to do it.

This led to a conversation about how to be better people, at which point Melissa explained that she didn't think it was always just about volunteerism. She said sometimes it is about finding things that bring you joy, and pursuing them. Because if we're more joyful people, we're more inclined to bring joy to others. She referenced this blog post and encouraged us all to think about what little things bring us joy. And, to counter, what steals your joy? Even if the good things sometimes feel indulgent, by taking care of ourselves, we take care of one another better, too.

So, here is my list. It's more like an ever-growing wiki.

little things that make me happy...
Complimenting people, especially strangers
The anticipation I feel leading up to family vacation
Long walks with great trans-Am phone convos
Iced coffee in the afternoon
J.Crew Rewards
Rearranging rooms
Being friendly to strangers
Being outside in any capacity, especially around bodies of water
Breakfast before work with friends
Sunday night bedtime: clean sheets + clean house + clean Whitney
When everything is organized
Being around families
New water bottles + cool stickers to put on them
Being around people who know me very deeply
Getting up early
Giving people presents
Reading a good, but mindless book
Getting my car washed and detailed
Crossing off entire to do lists
Whole foods (both the place and foods that are not processed)
Music that makes me want to sing and/or snap my fingers - even at my desk
Watching people with their siblings
Being at a wedding or anywhere with dancing, with my sisters and mom, and watching us all dance the exact same way (Biber-snap)
Being with the people I love, especially my family

and, what steals my joy...
Wasting time on Facebook, especially while playing the comparison game
Staying up late when I don't need to
Sleeping in unnecessarily late
Being too cold

What brings you joy? I want to know!