It is a goal of mine to one day say that I'm a recovering perfectionist.

But right now, I'm still perfecting that.

Luckily, I'm not alone. A wholelotta people I know are held captive by perfectionism - most often by the idea that they, without making things perfect, are not enough.

Along with the unglorification of busyness, I have noticed there has been a shift toward honesty lately - almost an unglorification of perfectionism too. It might have been here, in the mid-20s, all along and I am just now arriving. Or maybe people are finally breaking free of their silos and are just more comfortable talking about the things in life that are hard.

I'm not really sure.

But either way, I recently stumbled upon Kate Elizabeth Conner via Sarah Tucker, and felt the need to share.

Just remember, you are enough - even when you're late or confused or homesick or have too high of expectations for life. You're enough, just doing what you're doing.

image and quote background image taen by ashley