roommates // duke duke // friday

This week I have kind of been in one of those moods where I have to take two or three deep breaths before answering basic questions or else I will get just a leeetle bit emotional. Because I am in a lot of pain. And, well, a few other obvious reasons.

My roommates are in the same boat, I think. We've been swimming up stream all week - them for other, equally as tricky life-off-track moments that have chosen to transpire this week. Luckily though, misery really does love company, so instead of losing it on each other, we've united like a little army. Quite possibly stronger than ever before.
Duke rolled into town for a conference Wednesday night (yaay!), and after being delayed by more than an hour (during which time he probs had to take those deep breaths I mentioned before), when he finally made it to the city, we were both starvinng.
(this is apparently what we look like when we get reaaalllly hungry)

We immediately went to Whole Foods, where I tried the Mock Chicken Salad. Ohmmuhgosh. If you haven't tried it. Even if you aren't vegan. Try it. It's so good.
So then we were really happy and went to a hotel, where there were no rats and there were free cookies and two beds. And we slept like kings!

And now it's Friday. And I feel exponentially better than I did Monday.

PS: My Jeep is fixed
PPS: My yoga studio extended my pass so my classes won't expire.
PPPS: Did I mention it's Friday?

Yaay :) God is good. Today is good.

OK bye.