taking back our house

I haven't met the boys who rented our house before us, but I've heard two things about them: (1) They are good looking. (2) They didn't particularly care about this house. Hence the reign of the rats.

It is my sincere theory that because our bungalow hasn't felt the love in a while, it turned on us. And so, this weekend, I poured everything I had into this house, with the hope that it will soon return the favor. I was supposed to go to New Orleans to celebrate Mellyford's birthday, but wasn't quite sure if it was the brightest idea with my foot. Since Katie and Melissa were both gone (sadly), it seemed like a good chance to go a little house crazy.

I leaf blowed (blew?) our yard, driveway, porch and deck, hosed down the porch and adirondacks, and bought flowers and pumpkins. We also had it professionally cleaned, which was essential (clearly!).

On Sunday, I felt like a new person. I didn't realize how it felt sitting in this house before - it was really as if the rats had taken over our space, infesting it with germs and disarray.

With clean sheets on Sunday night, I fell asleep easily, finally letting my shoulders drop away from my ears. Whoever said cleanliness can't buy happiness (which is maybe no one), was wrong.
PS I have to give mad props to Duke for getting the project started by mowing our lawn. With our super cool mower, nonetheless.