atlanta is alive

Although yesterday's post may not reveal that I did actually converse with people this weekend, it happened. So here's a little recap. Because who doesn't love letting the weekend runneth over into Tuesday, too?

Duke was here Friday night, so I took him for his first Antico trip. Any Atlantan worth his salt knows Antico is basically the best pizza you can find. 
Against his better judgement Duke ate an entire pizza by himself. It pretty much left him out of commission until Saturday, eating wise. But I think he'd say it was worth it :) 

On Sunday, my friend Ben and I went to lunch in the Highlands, only to discover it was the Atlanta Streets Alive bike race. Between the perfect weather and the race, the streets truly were alive. People were out and about, helping one another in community garden projects, and enjoying our lovely neighborhood. 

It was the perfect to end to a wonderful weekend. I hope yours was happy, too!
PS Yet another reason to love the Beltline