::healthy life::

When I started talking about how I broke my foot, there was a ridiculous amount of people who asked me if I thought maybe my foot broke so easily because I run too much.

My first thought was: Um. Excuse me? To imply that I am weak? And to imply that I have done this to myself? And to imply that I do something too much? Rude.

But then, after enough people started saying it, it started to make its way into my conscience.

Could that be it? Could it be that the searing pain that shoots through my foot constantly was trying to tell me something? Trying to tell me to scale back?

And isn't that how it works? When you're immediate reaction is frustration with someone, it typically means they're right.

And then, as I dove back into the blogosphere last week and realized almost all of my top blog obsessions were either (1) workout or (2) healthy-living related, the theory really began to take legs.

Fortunately, I clearly will not be running until December, so whatever break from running this body may have needed is going to take place.

But it got me thinking about how almost everyone I know does too much of something - whether it be a good habit turned vice, or work, or leading charity committees - it's hard to remember moderation. Too much of a good thing is really a thing. And it's important not to let those things control everything.

So, I thought this the perfect opportunity to participate in Laura's healthy living challenge. I mentioned last week that I already know that when I do some of these things, I feel like a significantly better person. So why not really dedicate these next booted-up weeks to this? I'm skipping the first week (drink more water) because I don't think it possible for someone to drink more water than me. If I drink any more of it, I might actually drown myself. And that'd be, yet again, too much of a good thing.

So this week is rest, which is just what the doctor ordered (for real though). I am going to try to go to bed at the same time every night this week, which is going to be hard because I have two birthday parties and a 10 pm flight to LA Thursday. But, I am going to focus more on the rest my foot portion of things. So not letting myself walk places I know I shouldn't (like to MARTA), not mowing the lawn, etc. I think it's going to be a good goal.

You should join me in this endeavor, too! Check out the plan below. See you next week, Stretch!