grown ups

A scary thing has happened to the Biber family.

Duke and Sam are grown ups. And it kind of warms my heart, hearing them say things like, "I will be in town for a conference" and "I need to order some new cufflinks." But it kind of scares me, too. First of all, did I grow up, too? Because I don't feel all mature like they seem. And second of all, slow down, time!*

And can we still call him Babysam?

Last week Sam emailed me and started by saying this:
so i know how big of a list maker you are, and i've actually become quite the list maker myself with work stuff and grocery lists....

Work stuff? And grocery lists? You can't make grocery lists! You're not old enough to use the oven!

But I'm also really proud of these little grown up men. And what Sam's email said next was that I should hurry myself over to Field Notes and get a state-themed notebook. Because he knows this would allow me to combine two of my most favorite passions: list making and loving on Indiana.

So I am going to do just that.

I cannot wait to visit Sam in LA this weekend and see more of his grown up life. (Yes! He lives in LA. A real adult, I tell ya.)

I will be sure to report back with details and notebooks!

*And yes. I know Duke is only 18 months younger than me, and Sam just a bit behind him. But it's still cray.